• Industrial R&D
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Industrial R&D

Numerous new products have been developed with the help of a thermal imaging camera. Product developers study the heat dissipation and thermal characteristics. Thermal imaging cameras can help to keep the thermal efficiency of your development project under constant control. It can speed up the design cycle and avoid costly product recalls.



Scientists designing printed circuit boards are challenged with managing the heat dissipation without sacrificing performance or cost.


The aim of Research and Development in the automobile sector is to develop new and even better models.

Lab Test

Thanks to infrared, companies can shorten the development phase and improve product quality to boost the bottom line.

Uncooled Cameras

FLIR A325sc IR Camera

FLIR A325sc LWIR Cameras

Designed from the ground up to deliver the accurate thermographic imaging and repeatable temperature measurements you need in your R&D applications.


FLIR A655sc IR Camera

FLIR A655sc LWIR Cameras

An Uncooled detector, high resolution, and all of the cutting-edge functionality the A655sc brings affordable research and science thermal imaging and measurement to a whole new level.


FLIR A6750sc LWIR and MWIR Cameras

FLIR A6750sc LWIR & MWIR Cameras

Designed for electronics inspections, medical thermography, manufacturing monitoring, and non-destructive testing, the camera is ideal for high-speed thermal events and fast-moving targets.


NEW FLIR ETS320 High-Sensitivity Camera


The FLIR ETS320, with its high-sensitivity camera and stable benchtop stand, is specifically designed for quick, accurate, and consistent testing of PCBs and other electronics.


FLIR T400-Series IR Cameras

FLIR T500-Series LWIR Cameras

FLIR's most ergonomic thermal imaging cameras, the T500-Series provides a 180° rotating lens platform and bright 4” LCD to support comprehensive inspections in challenging work environments


FLIR T600-Series IR Cameras

FLIR T600-Series LWIR Cameras

Thermal research camera with high-resolution thermal and daylight imagery, small spot size for precise results, and reliable temperature measurement accuracy at an affordable price



Cooled Advanced Cameras

FLIR SC6000 Series MWIR Camera

FLIR SC6000 Series MWIR Cameras

The versatile FLIR SC6000 Series cameras give you high speed and high resolution imagery in a package that’s easy to use yet flexible in configurations for just about any scientific or research application.


FLIR SC7000 Series IR Camera

FLIR SC7000 Series LWIR Cameras

Specifically designed for academic and industrial research and science applications as well as integrators who require a flexible camera with high sensitivity, accuracy, spatial resolution, and speed at an affordable cost.


FLIR SC8000 HD Series IR Camera

FLIR SC8000 Series MWIR Cameras

High definition MWIR imagery from a highly sensitive cooled InSb detector, the sc8000 Series provides superb resolution, and lightning fast frame and data rates for extreme imaging flexibility and data capture capability.


FLIR X8000sc/X6000sc Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR X8000sc/X6000sc Series

The FLIR X8000sc/X6000sc Series thermal imaging cameras are designed to provide the best thermal measurement performance together with the most advanced connectivity. Ideal for Scientists and R&D professionals.